This must be my favourite corporate quote evarrr! Heard it a lot during my footwear design years.  Every time a new corporate strategy was launched internally it had implications on all departments eventually, but no-one ever received any full instructions on how to implement the strategy in their functions..  Management would reply to questions around this with the brilliant “WE’LL BUILD THE PLANE AS WE FLY” >> meaning; Just go ahead, be awesome, start working on this great idea we had and let’s see how it evolves 🙂

EXACTLY what we’re doing with >> Launch now, evolve later. Don’t wait forever until the plan is perfect. It is perfect already because the spirit is in there; We will support other starters and dreamers, through coaching-programs and concept-boosting-sessions, to get their minds and plans and guts together in a powerful and effective way, and make them successful in making their plans/dreams a reality!! 

If you’re ready to start flying your plane let us know on >> we’ll meet up for a free intake session and discuss your plans and needs. Coaching programs usually take 6-7 sessions, and Concept-support like organisational planning, brand identity, social media strategy and personal vitality/health (cause on this journey you’ll need every bit of energy you can find) can be plugged in as you wish.